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GlacialPure WF2CB, Pure Source 2, Kenmore 469911, 469916, 2 Pack

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Product Details

The WF2CB filter creates better tasting water for drinking and making beverages as well as clean, clearer, healthy ice.

The GPE013 refrigerator water filter needs to be changed every six months or 200 gallons (whichever comes first).

*Please make sure these water filters fit your refrigerator model.

Family Safe Warming Tips:

1. This product is made of BPA-Free plastic and Sri Lanka activated carbon, please use with confidence.

2. Please placing the ring and cap of the filter properly. Be sure to stay away from children to prevent children from eating by mistake.

3. The filter life depend on water quality in different regions. Recommended to replace it every 3-6 months.

4. Please flush 4 gallons of water through water filter cartridge before use.


Reasons to buy from us

  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Create better tasting water for drinking and making beverages as well as clean, clearer, healthy ice.
  • 100% Compatibility guarantee,Precise design, precise matching, works exactly like the original filter, without water leakage.

GPE013 Compatible with Following Models :

  • FRS6LF7JS3 FRS26H5AS PLHS69EESS2 FSC23R5DSB PLHS67EGSB4 PHS69EJSS2 PHSC39EGSS0 FRS6LF7JB3 GLHS37EHSB7 PLHS269ZCB2 PHS69EHSS3 PHSC39EESS5 PHSC39EHSS1 PHSC39EHSS2 FRS6LF7GS4 PLHS267ZAB6 FRS6LF7JW3 FLSC238DS6 PHS69EHSS2 FRS26LF7DS7 PLHS69EGSS1 PLHS267ZAB5 FRS26LF8CS3 PHS67EHSB6 PHS68EJSB0 FRS23H5ASB6 FRS6L9EFSS0 GLHS37EHSB6 FRS26LF8CS1 FRS26KF6EMB PLHS269ZCB4 PLHS267ZCB0 PLHS67EGSB2 PHS66EJSB0 PLHS67EGSB1 PLHS269ZDB9 FRS6LF7JM3 GLHS66EJSB0 FRS6L7EES1 PLHS269ZDB2 FRS26LF8CSN FRS26HF6BW2 FRS23H5ASB9 PHS69EJSS0 PHSC239DSB0 FRS6LF7JS0 PLHS267ZCB4 FRS23H7CSB2 FRS6LF7FS3 FRS26H7CSB4 GLRS267ZCB1 PLHS267ZAB3 FRS26KF6EMG FRS26LF7DS2 FRS23H5ASB8 PLHS237ZAB5 GLHS37EHSB5 FRS6L7EES9 PHSC39EJSS1 PHSC239DSB5 PLHS69EESSN FRS26LF7DSB PLHS267ZDB7 FLSC23F6DSN PLHS67EESB9 25357102606 25357102607 25357102608 25357102609 25357103600 25357103601 25357103602 25357103603 25357103606 25357103607 25357103608 25357103609 25357109600 25357109601 25357109602 25357109603 25357109606 25357109607 25357109608 25357109609 25357112600


For your peace of mind, our WF2CB Water Filter with up to 6 month longer life are quality approved by IAPMO and NSF to serve you the cleaner, fresher, better-tasting and wholesome water.

Glacial Pure LLC is tested and certified by NSF International in meeting strict standards for public health protection, a quality assurance for consumers.

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Manufacturer GlacialPure
Package Dimensions ‎7.09 x 5.43 x 2.32 inches
Item Weight ‎‎14.4 ounces
Filter Life 200 gallons
Material Carbon Block
Pack 2 Pack