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How to reset the refrigerator water filter
04.06.2022 | GlacialPure | GlacialPure Blog

Reset your Refrigerator Filter Indicator Light Most people are not aware that after you change your refrigerator water filter, there are two additional steps that should be taken to properly complete the water filter change.

Step 1: Reset your refrigerator water filter change light Most new refrigerators now come equipped with an indicator light that notifies you when it is time to change your water filter. This light does not automatically reset when you change your water filter and the light must be manually reset.

Step 2: Flush a couple of gallons of water through your new filter Since refrigerator water filters are made of carbon, some carbon residue is present in the first gallon or two of water.

This will not harm you but may leave a bitter taste and residue in your water.

If you continue to have these problems after flushing a couple of gallons through the filter, it is possible that you have a defective water filter.

Once these two steps are completed, you are all set to enjoy great tasting ice and water through your refrigerator.


How to Manually Reset the Refrigerator Water Filter Indicator

Here is a list of refrigerator manufacturers and how to reset the filter change indicator light:

Amana- Press and hold the Auto and Dispenser Lock buttons until the water filter status indicator light flashes.


Frigidaire- Press and Hold the Reset Button Until the Indicator Light Flashes.


GE General Electric- Press and Hold the Reset Button for around 8 Seconds.


HotPoint- Press and Hold the Reset Button for around 8 Seconds.


Jenn-Air- Press and Hold The Water and Lock Buttons until the Water Filter light flashes.


Kitchen Aid- Press and Release the Light Button 5 times Quickly.


Maytag- Press and Hold The Light and Lock Buttons until the Water Filter light flashes.


Samsung- Press and Hold the Ice Type and Child Lock Buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.


Whirlpool- Press and Release the Light Button 5 times Quickly.


LG-Press and hold the LIGHT/FILTER button for at least 3 seconds to reset.


Bosch-Hold down the "light/filter" key for 3seconds.


How to Find the Right Water Filter for Your Refrigerator

By Water Filter Model

In order to search by your water filter or refrigerator model number, you’ll first need to find the correct number. Finding your water filter number is easy. Look on the current water filter in use. The water filter number will be displayed somewhere on the filter itself.


By Refrigerator Model

Finding your refrigerator model number is just as easy. It’s usually posted on the inside of your refrigerator (may be in small letters, so bring a pair of reading glasses if necessary). If worst comes to worst, all this information is relatively easy to find in your refrigerator owner’s manual (that is, if you know where to find your manual).