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01.03.2021 | GlacialPure |

We are living in an era where naturally pure water is losing its purity day by day. Human activities and natural disasters are the reasons behind this impurity. As an alternative, we’ve got water filters to get pure and healthy drinking water. Water filters contain compounds that reduce contaminants and make water drinkable.

Several companies are taking part in this cause and GlacialPure has done a lot for it. It has manufactured filters with guaranteed maximum purity. From testing to manufacturing, quality is maintained everywhere.

GlacialPure - a Perfect Choice!


GP is a perfect choice for healthy drinking water and is serving the market since 2014.

GP a perfect choice? Here’s why:

GP manufactures 15000 pieces daily and sells 3.5 lac filters worldwide. With 6 production lines, they maintain the best quality:


#1. Removes 24 Contaminants

GP filters are capable of 24 contaminants reduction. They contain Srilankan coconut shell sintered carbon to ensure filter quality. The material is capable to reduce chlorine by 97%. The remaining concentration of chlorine is affordable to our body but any more concentration may cause a serious threat to normal body functioning.

The material used is jammed with LG glue, and can potentially reduce toxic elements. High-quality carbon makes sure you drink healthy and environment-friendly water every time.


#2. Uses Rigid Plastic

GP filters’ external coating is made up of rigid plastic. If the filter you’re using has no rigid material used externally, it will cause leakage issues. Sometimes, melting caused may increase contaminants making the filter process impure. GP’s external plastic is weather and heat resistant with chemical stability.


#3. Certified by water authorities

Unlike all other manufacturers, GP’s water filter is purely tested and certified by water authorities like NSF/ANSI. Color, chlorine and contaminants reduction is approved and verified from these. Other than NSF/ANSI, IAPMO R&T endorse GP’s water filter for their quality. Thus, the water filtered has maximum contaminants reduction with natural taste retained.


#4. Affordability

With all these quality features we talked about, here comes affordability.

GP has been trusted by over 5 million families across the globe and their customer base is growing. The reason is the combination of quality and affordability.

The company manufactures the filters in their own production houses and carries out tests independently. This strategy reduces extra expenses in the long run. Due to this, price is lowered and quality is ensured spontaneously.




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