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Refrigerator water filter FAQ?
04.06.2022 | GlacialPure |

What is a refrigerator water filter?

A refrigerator water filter is a tool that purifies drinking water that drains from the refrigerator. Most refrigerator filters are at least NSF 42 certified, which means only chlorine can be removed from water. Chlorine removal is great because most drinking water is treated. Additionally, filtering out chlorine can help improve the taste and smell of the water.

However, many contaminants are too large for refrigerator water filters to remove. Lead and chromium 6 are the two most common toxins on this list. For example, lead contamination still exists in some parts of the United States.


More than 286 million U.S. residents receive drinking water from EPA-approved community water systems. Purification standards for these facilities follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Safe Drinking Water Act guidelines.


According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), more than 30 million Americans still get sick each year after drinking contaminated water.


Some contaminants and impurities that can cause such diseases include:



Bisphenol A


Heavy metals such as mercury and lead

Pesticides and Insecticides

volatile organic compounds

According to the CDC, one of the most common reasons people use filters is that they don't like the taste of water. When you drink tap water, you can taste the chemicals that keep it clean. Many of the most famous refrigerator and jug filters are designed to improve taste, as this is a common complaint.


How does a refrigerator water filter work?


GlacialPure Refrigerator Water Filter(Samsung DA29-00020B)


Most of your water filter system refrigerators use activated carbon technology that works in three ways:

1.Initially, the expansive internal surface area physically traps sediment and contaminants.

2.The activated carbon acts as a trap for compounds such as lead and volatile organic compounds as the water flows through it.

3.Finally, chemical reactions inside the filter reduce chemicals such as chlorine when they come into contact with them.

Size and the time the water is in contact with the filter media are two factors that determine the efficiency of an activated carbon filter to remove contaminants. The number of filter media in small filter systems such as built-in refrigerator filters is limited by necessity.


The small size of the filter means that the time the water has in contact with the carbon is limited compared to the larger filtration systems used in entry point and countertop filtration systems.


To ensure that the water filter is working properly, it should be replaced every six months. The safest way to make sure your water filter system is functioning properly and your water filter is clean is to replace it regularly.

How do I install a new refrigerator water filter?

Replacing the refrigerator water filter is very simple. Here's how:

  1. Make sure your refrigerator has the correct filter number and colored lid.
  2. Remove the filter cover. Next, find the stand, which is usually located on the base of your refrigerator.
  3. Use the old filter and wipe the excess water off the floor with a dry cloth.
  4. Reapply the bottom cover to the new filter before sliding it into the holder. If you hear a click, the filter is now locked in place.
  5. Next, run the distributor to activate the filter. If you hear a loud air pressure sound, that's normal.

Remember to replace your refrigerator water filter at least every six months to ensure you get clean water out of your refrigerator.


Do refrigerator water filters work?

Most built-in refrigerator filters use activated carbon as the filter medium. This filter works by attaching contaminants to the filter media, a process called adsorption. Because activated carbon has many nooks and crannies, it has a wide surface area for adsorption.

Most filters are NSF certified and they minimize contaminants such as chlorine and other small deposits. The amount depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of toxins in the water. Filters also need to be replaced regularly to effectively remove these contaminants.


The last thing to keep in mind with a built-in refrigerator filter system is the cost of replacing the filter. Because activated carbon filters absorb chemicals, they inevitably clog and need to be replaced.


This happens throughout the house and limited refrigerator filters, with one notable exception. Since the whole-house filter is larger, you can replace it less often, resulting in less hassle, more flexibility, less financial strain on your wallet, and a more efficient water filtration solution.


Where can I buy replacement filters? Did I buy it from the manufacturer?

Most filters can be found at big box stores, you don't have to order them directly from the manufacturer. Because remembering to change the filter every six months can feel cumbersome and easy to forget, ordering it online is more convenient.


Why is my refrigerator water filter discontinued? How to do?

Like cars, computers, and cell phones, water filtration systems are constantly being updated and improved. One of the most common enhancements is the ability of the filter to remove contaminants. While the filter's name and some functions may change, its shape and fit will not. So when you search for your filter number and it is listed as discontinued, there will always be a perfect replacement option with a different name or number.


How do I find the filter name or number?

Filters are usually marked with their name and part number, but you can also use our GlacialPure top search tool to order the right filter for your refrigerator. Also, your refrigerator model number should be printed on the label in the refrigerator. It should be on the inside of the upper wall, on the refrigerator side frame, behind the crisper drawer, or behind the lower kickboard.