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The Truth About Why Your Fridge Water Isn't Tasty
04.06.2022 | GlacialPure | GlacialPure Blog

Water’s taste is influenced by its source. Your local municipal water source treats tap water. Bottled water typically comes from natural spring water, but over time can take on the taste of the plastics in which it is packaged. Refrigerators are a better choice over plastic bottled water. Most people prefer to drink water from the refrigerator.



Getting your drinking water from a dispenser is indeed a safer choice than drinking bottled water. The plastic used for bottled water can slowly dispense chemicals into the water it contains and can even slowly dissolve into the water.

Drinking refrigerator water is safer than drinking bottled water, especially in households with young children.

The refrigerator water is filtered through the refrigerator water filter before it can be drunk. Often the taste of refrigerator water is determined by the water filter, but we need to know that the refrigerator water filter is replaced every 3~6 months or 300 gallons, your refrigerator water tastes bad, usually because you did not replace the refrigerator water filter caused by.

At this point, you're probably thinking, “Surely the refrigerator filters catch these contaminates.” Most refrigerators use carbon filters, which are useful to remove harmful bacteria or other substances. The carbon effectively catches water impurities like pesticides or other chemicals. However , the problem arises with low-quality filters as they are not as effective as others that are of higher quality. And higher-quality filters means a higher price tag. GlacialPure water filter solves this problem perfectly. The price of GlacialPure water filter is more favorable than that of refrigerator manufacturer. Compared with refrigerator manufacturer, GlacialPure water filter has the same quality and experience. The user perfectly solves the problem of replacing the refrigerator water filter. The GlacialPure water filter is suitable for most refrigerator models on the market. The water filters of these refrigerator models are the perfect choice: 469690, LT700P, LG ADQ36006101, LFXS30766S ,DA29-00020B,DA29-00020A,HAF-CIN/EXP,RF4267HARS,9690,DA29-00003G,LT1000PC,MWF,7012333,L800P,ADQ73613401,UKF8001,BORPLFTR50,DA97-17376B.


The benefits of refrigerator water

They make your drinking water much tastier. By removing the fluoride and chlorine from tap water, as well as any other contaminants that it may have, refrigerator water filters significantly improve its taste and remove any unwanted smells. This drastically improves your comfort, but it also encourages you to drink more water as a whole – too many people don’t realize that they don’t drink nearly as much water as they need to, and that’s largely because tap water doesn’t taste very good and bottled water is way too expensive. Refrigerator water filters fix this problem easily.

They reduce the health risks of drinking tap water. Tap water in developed countries is of a generally high quality, but even there it can sometimes contain unwanted contaminants. And in developing countries – there tap water often brings serious health risks with it. And refrigerator water filters, as well as other types of home water filters, do a great job at reducing the health risks of drinking contaminated tap water.

They make your drinking water much healthier overall. By removing unwanted contaminants, as well as by sometimes mineralizing your water, refrigerator water filters make your drinking water much healthier in every possible way.

They improve the physical development of your children. Especially in a household with children, having a high quality source of drinking water is a must for their proper physical development. Having contaminants in the water that your kids drink is one of the easiest ways to give them an incalculable amount of health problems and diseases. Not to mention that having bad tasting tap water can teach your kids to drink less water than they need to, which is a problem in and of itself.

They are very efficient. A typical refrigerator water filter can filter hundreds or thousands of gallons of water before a single filter cartridge needs to be changed.

They save a lot of money. Bottled water is on average up to 1000 times more expensive than tap water. And while a refrigerator isn’t free either, it makes tap water infinitely tastier and healthier, without significantly increasing its overall price per gallon.

They are eco-friendly. By helping you cut down on bottled water, filters like most refrigerator water filters have a drastic positive impact on our ecology. The bottled water industry is one of the chief engines of both plastic contamination and oil usage.

Your drinking water will always be pleasantly cold. A further benefit that distinguishes refrigerator water filters from other home water filters, is that with a refrigerator water filter your drinking water will always be not just filtered, but also pleasantly cold. This is especially nice in states or countries where the temperatures are often higher than we would like them to be.

Refrigerator filters can also produce ice. As an added bonus, refrigerator water filters can usually make ice out of the water they have filtered. This is great for cocktail parties and any other even where ice is a consumable.

They are always full with filtered water, so you don’t have to wait. Unlike all other home filters of tap water, refrigerator filters do their job while you aren’t using them and store the filtered water in a container. This way the water is always ready to drink and you don’t need to wait to get it filtered.



GlacialPure advocates the concept of environmentally friendly and healthy drinking water. Drinking refrigerator water will be safer, greener, healthier and more sustainable than bottled water.