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Compatible with AIRx Replacement PureAir Ultra II Replacement Air Filter Cartridge (6-Pack)

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  1. Effective at eliminating??foul odors from refrigerators, freezers

By using powerful odor-trapping materials to remove??onion, garlic, fish and other strong odors??and keep refrigerators??smelling fresh.

  1. Making??ice taste better

Through the use of baking soda, activated carbon and zeolites to trap, neutralize and remove odor-causing molecules for better-tasting ice.

  1. Economical

Offering the best prices without sacrificing quality

Reasons to choose us

  1. Powerful odor-trapping materials
  1. Effective at removing foul odors
  1. Keep refrigerators smelling fresh
  1. Making better-tasting ice
  1. Long service life - 6 months
  1. Best after-sales service
  1. High-quality
  1. Affordable


Product Depth (in.) : 0.4375 in

Product Height (in.) :??3.75 in

Product Width (in.)??: 1.75 in

Replaces??these filters


242047805, 4582822, 5303918847


242047805, AP6285787, EAP12364179, PAULTRA2, PAULTRA2, PD00044143, PS12364179

Fits in these systems


DGHD2361TF0, DGHD2361TF1, DGHD2361TF2, DGHD2361TF3, FGHB2868TD0, FGHB2868TD1, FGHB2868TD2, FGHB2868TE0, FGHB2868TE1, FGHB2868TE2, FGHB2868TF0, FGHB2868TF1, FGHB2868TF2, FGHB2868TP0, FGHB2868TP1, FGHB2868TP2, FGHD2368TD0, FGHD2368TD1, FGHD2368TD2, FGHD2368TD3, FGHD2368TF0, FGHD2368TF1, FGHD2368TF2, FGHD2368TF3, FGHG2368TF0, FGHG2368TF1, FGHG2368TF2, FGHN2868TE0, FGHN2868TE1, FGHN2868TE2, FGHN2868TF0, FGHN2868TF1, FGHN2868TP0, FGHN2868TP2, LGHB2869TD0, LGHB2869TD1, LGHB2869TF0, LGHB2869TF1, LGHB2869TF3, LGHD2369TD0, LGHD2369TD2, LGHD2369TD3, LGHD2369TF0, LGHD2369TF1, LGHD2369TF2, LGHD2369TF3